Lead Generation For Pest Controllers

The best brick and mortar offline company in the world won’t make a single sale if they don’t have an effective system or two that generates sales leads. No matter whether it’s chimney repair, window replacement, or mowing lawns, it’s important to always have customers to service each and every day in order to keep the employees busy bringing in money. Failure to understand the importance of lead acquisition is the demise of a good percentage of businesses and has been since time began. Let’s take a look at one of the best methods of lead generation for pest controllers.

The Old Days Of Newspaper Ads Are (Long) Gone

In the past, most pest control companies would have daily and weekly ads in the local newspapers. This was a great way to get in front of many customers since nearly everyone took the daily paper, the Sunday paper, or even picked up the small free nickel ads as well. Those days are long gone, most of the local papers are out of business in favor of the online news companies. Since most online news companies cater to a national audience they don’t sell many ads for local pest control operators.

The other great way that used to bring in huge amounts of customers for nearly all types of home services were Yellow Page Ads. When a service was needed the first place people searched were the Yellow Pages. That’s not happening these days and most homes don’t even receive the directories any longer.

lead generation for pest controllers
How long has it been since you looked inside one of these?

There Is A Good Way To Beat The Loss Of Yellow Pages For Free

A huge number of people nowadays have iPhones that they use to search for services when they need something. However, it is very difficult to beat the really big companies when it comes to building a website and getting it ranked at the top of Google. The smaller companies just don’t have the knowledge, time, or money to get their sites ranked. There is another method that levels the playing field for the little guy and that’s YouTube videos. Nearly anyone can make a video and upload it to YouTube these days.

The key ranking factor to consider when naming your video is to look for all of the long tail keywords for your particular niche even to the point of being ridiculous. If there is a chance that a local customer would search for “I have ants in my kitchen in Seattle” then that’s what the pest control operator should name their video. Plus it’s highly important to include their phone number in the title. That way when the customer searches on their smartphone for the long tail keyword they can use a feature called tap-to-call and their phone will automatically dial the number and they don’t have to even watch the video. The pest control company should create a separate video for every different type of insect, rats, mice, raccoons, or whatever, then combine each one with a location like attic, basement, kitchen, walls, etc to create hundreds of videos for each area they service. In the end, they should have at least 500 videos covering different long tail keywords for their surrounding territories.

An important key to making this kind of strategy work is to head to Google and get a different telephone number with a local prefix for each area that the company wants to cover. This way when the people are looking for a local company they’ll recognize the phone numbers of the local businesses and are more likely to call them. Then, all of the numbers can be forwarded to a central number that rings to a person skilled in explaining the service and closing the customer on an inspection leading to a possible sale. Using a tactic such as this can be done by a skilled local business SEO expert in about 3 days or less.

Could Your Business Use More Pest Control Leads?

Another strategy that more and more Australian businesses are adopting is the “pay per lead” model. It’s been around for a while, and many local pest controllers have tried HI Pages as one example. Many businesses I’ve spoken to over the years don’t like the lack of quality of the leads coupled with the fact that they have to scrap with 2 or 3 other businesses to acquire these leads. A local company is taking a different approach. Australian Trades Lead Generation (or ATLG) supplies surprisingly cheap leads on a pay per lead basis and the leads are exclusive to the pest control company that buys the leads. In addition the leads are highly targeted. Currently pest control leads are available in the following areas; Call Andrew on 1300 885 487 if you are interested in more information